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    Equipment Cleaning:
    Rotary engine with single disc brush, dust Machine-fluid cleaner (shampoo) Carpet-Rug, Carpet Cleaner, carpet for special stains (greasy stains, gum, water soluble stains) brush for carpets.


     Before using the cleaner examined whether the colors of the rug or carpet is indelible. To do this you must test the cleaning solution in an unseen place.
The metal furniture legs are covered with plastic or foil to prevent the risk of rust staining.
     Dissolution of detergent in the washing tank of rotary machine single disc. Proportion of detergent / water according to the instructions of the manufacturer and the dilution and volume of contaminants in the carpet or carpet.
     Originally vacuumed the carpet or carpet with the top dust - liquid. Local stains are removed with cleanser depending on their type (greasy stains, gum, water soluble stains).
     The detergent is spread by hand in places that can not reach the top and used brush scrubbing. Then clean the carpet or carpet with a rotary machine single disc starting with the longest entry point. Then the liquid is absorbed by dust-top liquid. When dry the carpet or carpet vacuumed with the machine dust-water to remove residues of shampoo and dirt.
Carpets cleaning
Carpets cleaning
Carpets cleaning

Organic cleaning carpets, rugs, lounge suites, mattresses

    The spot cleaning of carpets and lounge requires great experience, especially machinery and use of special detergents. Our specialized teams of Alfa Cleaning able to spot wash carpets and lounges with very impressive results, without damage and without hassle.


wet cleaning machine extraction and specialist detergent, and the original pilot made a point of the lounge, we provide excellent quality output NO DAMAGES.


clean the carpets made with a rotary engine and engine extraction. Special mechanical brush wash the pile of the carpet to remove all forms of stain, however difficult that is. No later than 3-6 hours, your carpets are dry, healthy and clean.
Carpets cleaning
The carpet is not just needs cleaning , but care !
You need to value and care it deserves as a physical body and not as a simple product . So enjoy your everyday moments without worrying about taking care of your carpets . With the services Alfa Cleaning will always like new !

In Alfa Cleaning with knowledge, expertise and love for carpet care to enjoy life at home with carpets spotless, full of shine and color. Why not just clean your carpets . The grooms, like ours .

In Alfa Cleaning, providing full services carpet care, care of you and your family and provide you spot Bio-Pure and waterproofing layers, lounges , carpets to clean , healthy and bright home .

And all this using the most secure and advanced methods of cleaning and care of ecological detergents, machinery, modern and latest generation machines and skilled staff .

Trust the Alpha Cleaning :
    clean and healthy carpets
    excellent results in cleaning mattresses , lounges , comforters , blankets , rugs
    long time , since the dust and dirt do not adhere to most surfaces cleaned
    perfect scores hygiene of your home, especially for those who have infants, children, people with fragile health, pets, people with allergies .

Take advantage of our offers and contact us .

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